Nadia Bartel 5 MINUTES WITH

Nadia Bartel 5 MINUTES WITH

20th Aug 2014

Wittner was lucky enough to sit down with Fashion Blogger Nadia Bartel and speak to her about her individual style and the ever-popular Sports Luxe trend.

Wittner Nadia Bartel

I think we love this trend because it means you can feel comfortable whilst still looking fashionable. – Nadia Bartel

What does sports luxe mean to you in three words?

Sleek, athletic and stylish

What do you consider to be the key Sports Luxe wardrobe items that every girl must-have?

The key to wearing this trend is mixing comfort with a sophisticated edge and don’t get too relaxed; pairing your tracksuits with sneakers in a no no! Your look needs to be streamlined if one piece is oversized like a bomber jacket, pair it back with a minimal pencil skirt or leggings. My must have items to make it work are a pair of cool athletic slides, chunky mules, wide-leg pants, leather leggings, crop tops featuring cool cutouts and a sleek bomber jacket.

Do you see Sports Luxe as reflecting a lifestyle?

You don’t actually have to be into sport to embrace the trend. The key to making it work is pairing it with the right amount of luxury. I think that we love this trend because it means you can feel comfortable whilst still looking fashionable. I think the lines between sport clothing and fashion are becoming blurred!

We can see you’re a fan of YOGA123, the famous hip-hop studio. What is your weekly fitness routine?

Yes, I am back on a fitness mission, after being very unfit for the last few years. I was really fit at school, after leaving I became too busy with University and full time work, but it’s important to make time for it.

Do you think the Sports Luxe trend is here to stay?

I think it is. It has been around for the last few season, but there seems to be more of an emphasis on it this coming season, as it has a minimal and sophisticated edge. I think it suits almost any style, as you can rock the look head to toe, or you can do as I like to do and add one sporty item to your outfit, like a classic white shirt with running shorts and monochrome heels.



Nadia Bartel perfecting Sports Luxe style from day to night in Wittner shoes.

Wittner Nadia Bartel

Wittner Nadia Bartelwittner.47Wittner Nadia BartelWittner Nadia Bartel Wittner Nadia Bartel

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