Shampoo For Suede & Nubuck Leather

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Model no: 830200.4

Wittner's exclusive Suede and Nubuck Shampoo cleans and rejuvenates all colours of suede. Reduce the appearance of stains and marks and clean dirt from suede and nubuck leather.
Please read directions before applying. Remove surface dirt with a Wittner Suede Brush and spray entire shoe with Wittner Suede and Nubuck Shampoo. Brush with and against grain of the surface while damp and remove excess dirt with a Wittner Polishing Cloth.
Allow product to dry and brush once more for a fresh look.
Protect your shoes from any further staining with Wittner Waterproof Spray.
Use on: Suede and nubuck leathers only.
Do NOT use on: Any other leathers.

Instructions: Spray liberally and evenly on one shoe at a time. Use suede brush in circular motion to lather shampoo. Allow to dry. Brush to refresh the nap. Repeat with the other shoe. Apply waterproofer to avoid further stains. Never use water to clean suede or nubuck leather.
Tips: Suede shampoo will cause colour fading so never spot clean and never clean only one shoe in a pair. You will need approximately one whole bottle to shampoo one pair of shoes.


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Shampoo For Suede & Nubuck Leather & Wittner & Wittner Shoes
Shampoo For Suede & Nubuck Leather
Shampoo For Suede & Nubuck Leather
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