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[section_1_heading] Set in a city defined by its gold rush past, our 110th Anniversary Collection celebrates a history and future intrinsically tied to Melbourne. This city we call home lies at the heart of who we are, which is why we’ve created a collection to honour Melbourne’s most famous commodity – gold.
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[section_3_heading_1] Since 1912  Wittner has been
[section_3_heading_2] a custodian of shoes for the
[section_3_heading_3] women of Australia.

We revisited the Wittner archives to reflect on our rich history.

With age comes wisdom and as we move forward, with refreshed ideas about sustainability, community, and identity, we aim to uphold our Melbourne heritage and create a glittering Golden Age of Style.

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[section_5_heading] A story
[section_5_sub_heading] The Anniversary collection tells a story of Wittner’s past yet also looks to our future. Since 1912 we have been the custodian of fashion fundamentals that define women’s ensembles and as we enter our latest era, we’re excited to use refreshed ideas and exciting ventures to create a new Golden Age of Style.
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[section_5_caption] Each model is styled exclusively in black to pay homage to Melbourne’s universal uniform while also highlighting the styles glittering at their feet. Comprised of four designs crafted in glossy golden leather, the collection includes gilded iterations of two beloved Wittner styles alongside two innovative new designs.
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[section_7_caption] Crafted exclusively for our 110th year, this leather-trimmed
tote is a testament to all things Wittner. Made in a monochrome
colour palette that’s emblematic of Melbourne, buying this bag
will upgrade your looks – and your loyalty membership tier.
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[section_8_heading] A city defined by gold.

Discover the soundtrack of a city that has creativity at its core. This haven of artistic expression is where the Wittner story began and where the tale continues.

A playlist curated by us to celebrate the artists that call Melbourne home.

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[section_10_header] A golden age of style.
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[section_11_heading] August Lookbook