Find Your Fit

Find your fit

3 quick and easy steps to find your closest Wittner size.

What you’ll need: a ruler, a pencil and a white sheet of paper.

  1. Place the paper on the ground next to a wall and place your largest foot on it with your heel to the edge of the sheet (the wall will help you know where it starts!)
  2. Without moving your foot, use the pencil to mark a line where your longest toe ends.
  3. Using your ruler, measure from the edge of the paper to the line you have drawn in cm. Record your length with the slider below and we’ll recommend your size.

Most customers with a 23.8 cm foot fit a Wittner size 7

Pro Tip: If you’re logged into your Wittner Co. account you only need to do this once. We’ll remember your foot length and suggest the most appropriate size for every style. So unless your feet change in size, shopping shoes online will be easy.
Size chart
Still not sure?

Although we work hard to keep our sizing consistent, shoe fit depends on a number of different factors, including foot width and shape. If your shoes arrive and aren’t quite the right fit, don’t worry, our returns policy allows 30 days for customers to return or exchange eligible unworn shoes. For more information on returns and product exchange, click here. To learn more about the fit of our shoes, feel free to contact our friendly team in store.