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Australia’s most beloved fashion footwear brand, Wittner has been creating beautiful shoes for women for over 100 years. With such a rich history comes a wealth of knowledge, so you can walk confidently in shoes that have been designed to bring you comfort, quality and above all, style.

Whether you’re after the latest trend, a sophisticated addition to your work wardrobe or practical flats for everyday activities, Wittner has every style to suit your needs. Heeled sandals will elevate your look for occasion dressing, gorgeous loafers will bring comfort and support for days at the office and our famous ankle boots are so versatile you can wear them just about anywhere. With a focus on both comfort and style, you’re guaranteed to find your perfect pair at Wittner. 

Comfort and Design

Proudly designed in Melbourne, Wittner’s collection of women’s shoes are crafted from ultra-comfortable leather, are designed to last season after season and to help you look your best. Using premium leather as the signature medium, the Wittner family have dedicated themselves to crafting ladies’ footwear inspired by global fashion trends while staying true to the needs and requirements of the Wittner customer. Using bespoke padding technology, Wittner focuses on long-lasting comfort to go hand in hand with gorgeous design. 


We believe that a pair of shoes crafted from quality leather should be designed to last, so you can wear them again and again. At Wittner, our history is built off the consideration and quality that goes into our shoes. This means we create footwear that stands the test of time so you can wear them again and again. 

We have dedicated ourselves to providing our customers with gorgeous footwear utilising sustainable approaches to production and packaging. Our efforts include the ethical selection of workshops and factories, utilising eco-friendly packaging, the ethical sourcing of raw materials and leather and ensuring our product is designed to last. We also have an extensive range of shoe care to help keep your shoes looking their best so that they will stand the test of time. Read more about our efforts to create a more sustainable future here. 


Made with exceptional attention to detail, fit and feel, every shoe is crafted to complement your lifestyle. From supportive work flats to statement heels and luxurious leather long boots, Wittner has shoes for every walk of life. Our wide range of womens shoes has you covered from the office to events and everything in between. Head into your closest store or shop our beautiful range online. 

Elevate your style with Wittner’s collection of women’s shoes. If you’re a woman who loves to stay ahead of the curve, explore our new arrivals and find a style that suits your lifestyle. From sandals to boots to heels and flats, your perfect pair is waiting for you. Enjoy free shipping when you spend $130 or more.