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Every shoe we create is imbued with the passion, dedication and commitment to craft that has kept Wittner designs iconic for over 100 years.

Ranen in black

Fashioned to Fit

Ranen in black
Ionna in tan
Cueva in black
Gianna in black
Hada in black
Gianna in camel
Purcell in tan
Webster in boucle
Gianna in black

While we continue to explore new textiles and technologies that are revolutionising the fashion industry, we are proud to be members of the Leather Working Group.


Final Form

Holler in tan

Designs that transcend trend and offer perpetual style that's perfect the way it is.

Pearce in tan

Love Language explores the relationship between concept and component — exemplifying the significance of material, form and fit when it comes to creating shoes you’ll love.

Hoylia, Xavi & Hochi in Bloodstone