The foundation of Australian style.

For decades Wittner has defined the shoes that women wear.

Established. pays homage to our heritage and the many elements that make us.

Shot in the autumnal shades of a native garden and rural home,  AW21 is a testament to our Australian roots and the natural characteristics of our signature materials.

Moodie in White & Jenae in Cognac

Rich leathers and thoughtfully crafted designs offer the support and luxury women need to get through the grey days.

The subtle nuances of varied tones make for a softly elegant aesthetic.

Charmed in Black & Xalt in Electric Magenta

The striking modernity of a mid-century interior represents the innovation and dynamic thinking that keep our designs relevant and covetable year after year.

The changing seasons offer the perfect opportunity to discover new modes of self-expression. AutumnWittner/21 invites you to take the time to explore and find the essential elements that help to define your authentic style.

Hansina in Sand & Xola in Sand
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