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Embrace the essence of summer with irresistible textures that need to be touched and bright colours that cannot be ignored.

Dive feet first into fashion with a collection designed to embody the joy of the season by delighting your senses as well as your style.

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[section_1_memu_text_2] (touch)
[section_1_memu_text_3] (scent)
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The Sensory collection has been created to enhance your tactile experience of our designs with intricate textures and modern fabrications that are representative of this season’s most prevalent trends, as well Wittner’s renowned, luxurious feel.

This season, we’re taking our sustainability journey a step further with a series of re-loved satin heels made from recycled materials.

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[section_five_text] The scent of summer is in the air and we’re ready to embrace the season with a range of styles reinterpreted to pique your fashion senses.
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[section_6_caption] A curated range of seasonal trends, handpicked by our designers to ensure there’s a style for every taste profile.
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[section_8_caption] Made to be seen, Sensory challenges your expectations and asks you to rethink your experience of season, style and sensation.
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[section_9_title] A season for all your senses.
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