At Wittner, we have dedicated ourselves to empowering, encouraging and celebrating the success of women for over 100 years.

Through our partnership with Culture is Life, we have had the unique opportunity to collaborate with a young First Nations artist, Alkina Edwards, whose art is inspired by the stories passed down from her family, community and Country.

Alkina has proud matriarchal connections to Yorta Yorta, Wemba Wemba, Mutthi Mutthi and Wiradjuri tribes. Alkina draws on the history and experiences of her people to create artwork that represents female empowerment and strength.

Alkina pictured with her Mother and Aunties in Yorta Yorta

The Armin heel

Alkina honours the long line of strong black women she comes from and hopes that all women feel this sense of pride walking in these shoes.

Winyarr means ‘Aboriginal woman/women’ in Yorta Yorta Language. The artwork in the Winyarr Collection depicts a group of women along the sacred Dungala (Murray River), linking arms to represent the Aborginal women that have been here for thousands of years.

The Winyarr Collection is proof that sometimes, a shoe is more than just a shoe. Made up of five unique designs, the collection offers a way to celebrate Aboriginal culture as shareable and wearable works of art. And with 10% of proceeds going directly to Culture is Life, it will support the Aboriginal-led organisation’s purpose of supporting young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to thrive.