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Wittner Co. is our loyalty program and an easy way to receive even more benefits when you shop with Wittner.

We have four reward levels, meaning the higher you step up, the more rewards you can enjoy! It’s now even easier to track your membership status when you log into the Wittner website, with our dynamic loyalty progress bar and member pricing clearly marked for all applicable products.

With special treats, sneak peeks and VIP events available to every member, signing up to Wittner Co. is always a good idea. Simply create your account and you’re immediately part of the family! You can even personalise your Wittner experience by setting your communication preferences when you join.

Once you’re signed up, all you need to do is shop online or in-store to get even more rewards! Each Wittner Co. loyalty level is valid for a 12 month period. To maintain your level, you just need to continue enjoying our new collections and spend the status amount within the 12 months. If you spend more we’ll move you up a level, if you spend less, you’ll roll back to the level below.

Loyalty Levels

White Spend $0 – $249.99 each year
Black Enjoy 10% off FPP. Spend $250 – $749.99 each year
Silver Enjoy 15% off FPP. Spend $750 – $1249.99 each year
Gold Enjoy 20% off FPP. Spend $1250+ each year

How it works?

If you haven’t already, simply sign up to Wittner Co. in-store or online. From then on, every purchase you make will be recorded against your Wittner Co. account as long as you’re logged in or notify us in-store. If you’re already a member, just remember - the more you spend, the higher the discount you’ll receive on full price items.

To receive trend advice, previews and special member-only promotions, remember to keep your email address up to date and make sure your preferences are set in your account.

Wittner Co. Rewards

New arrivals & collection updates
Advance notice of sales & promos
Exclusive online offers
Wittner style edits & trend alerts
VIP events & shopping nights near you

Wittner Co. FAQs

I signed up to Wittner Co. in-store - now what?


Firstly - welcome to the family! You should receive an email with a link to set your password and activate your account. If you can't find the email, please visit our login page, enter your email account and click the forgot password link. You will be sent an email with a link and then you will be able to set your password and log in to your account dashboard.

I forgot my Wittner Co. password!


This one's an easy fix! Simply visit our login page online, enter your email and select 'forgot password'. You'll receive an email with a link to reset and then log in.

How do I check my rewards balance?


To check your loyalty status and how much you need to spend to maintain it, simply login online and check your loyalty progress bar on the Wittner Co. account page. If you're not sure whether this is right, you can always check your purchase history in your account, to make sure your orders are all there.

I shop at David Jones - what happens to my spend?


As all transactions in a David Jones store are handled through the David Jones system, unfortunately we are unable to track member’s Wittner Co. spend in these stores. Spend levels will not be calculated for any purchases made in a David Jones Concession store, nor can members redeem their Wittner Co. discount or rewards at a David Jones concession store.

My latest purchase hasn't applied to my account. What can I do?


Don’t worry - if there’s been a mistake, we’ll make sure we look into it for you. Please contact Customer Support at, or speak to us on Wittner Live Chat during business hours.

I'm a White level member - what do I have to spend to keep this level?


There is no minimum spend for White members. You'll remain at this level until you spend $250+ within 12 months. After which, you'll qualify for higher levels. White level members still benefit from exclusive previews, promotions, styling tips and other treats!

What happens when I spend enough to be upgraded?


First of all, congratulations! We're so glad you love our shoes. You'll be upgraded straight away and receive an email notifying you of your new rewards. Your anniversary will also be updated so you can enjoy a full 12 months at your new level.

If you've spent more than you need to move up a level, any balance that exceeds the minimum spend amount will be retained and calculated towards your next upgrade!

Can I buy membership for a higher loyalty level?


Unfortunately not. The only way to step up your rewards is to buy Wittner products. Keep shopping and you'll be there in no time!

Can I transfer my Wittner Co. membership to another person?


Wittner Co. is designed to reward our most loyal customers who shop with us regularly. Unfortunately this means we cannot transfer memberships.

How do I get my Birthday voucher?


Make sure you've registered your date of birth in your Wittner Co. account. You can do this by signing into your account online and accessing the preference centre. You can also access through the link at the bottom of your latest email newsletter.

Your birth date needs to be updated in the preference centre before your birthday month. Unfortunately these vouchers are not issued retrospectively, so sign up soon so you don't miss out!

How do change my details or preferences?


If you want to update your personal details like address, email or password, you can do this by logging into your account online and going to 'settings' or 'addresses' to make the changes.

If you wish to change your email preferences, you can do this via the email preference centre in your account or on your most recent email communication.