AW17 Meet the Model Q&A

AW17 Meet the Model Q&A

Posted by Katie Byrne on 23rd Feb 2017


Meet the gorgeous face of our AW17 REBEL REBEL campaign, Izzy Jarrett. With her super-cool look and legs for days, this Brisbane-born model was the ideal choice for our new season 90’s-inspired campaign. Read on as we take 5 with Izzy!

Our AW17 campaign is heavily 90’s-inspired. What do you love about this trend?
I love the nostalgia attached to the 90’s trend.

How would you keep the 90’s look modern?
Slip dresses – layer over a basic t-shirt for a modern grunge look.

Which Wittner styles from our campaign shoot would you add to your winter wardrobe? 
The strappy black Reine heels with Western-look buckles are definitely my favourites from this campaign.

Izzy wears the REINE heels

Have you always wanted to be a model?
I actually never went out and wanted to be a model, I’ve always just wanted to do my best at anything I try and that thing just happens to be modelling!

What has been the highlight for you in your career so far?
The first time I got a face massage.

Do you have any style ‘must haves’ at the moment?
Tacky sunglasses.

Izzy wears the WASSON boots

What’s your drink of choice?
Instant coffee – always.

Your schedule must get so busy as a model, what is your favorite activity in your downtime?
People watching!

How do you prepare for working days such as long photo-shoots, do you have any daily rituals?
I have a pretty simple routine really – I just have a shower and wash my face and I’m good to go.

Izzy wears the ORIANNE sneaker

What are your essential beauty tips for surviving the winter season?
A great moisturiser is a necessity for that dry winter skin.

Where do you love to escape to during winter?
My favourite place to escape is to the street, to see what people pull out of their wardrobes to keep warm.

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