Posted by Katie Byrne on 27th Jan 2016

Meet the face of our New Horizons campaign, the gorgeous Matilda Dods. This Byron Bay-born babe is a double threat, pairing life in the modelling world with serious musical talents. With her big bambi-esque eyes and long brown rock ‘n roll hair, Matilda was the perfect choice for our festival-inspired range of super soft washed leather boots and heels. Read on to find out what inspires Matilda’s music, her ultimate style icons and her top festivals for 2016.

Matilda Dods for Wittner

You’re an amazing singer/songwriter, where do you look to for musical inspiration?
I write in a very literal sense, and almost always directly from my own life. Therefore, looking for inspiration can feel a bit funny. When I write a song, it is usually as a kind of emotional release from what’s going on in my life, it lets me look at a situation from a new perspective, understand, learn from it and eventually move on. It’s a really cleansing process

What song/band is your current musical obsession?
I can’t stop listening to Justin Bieber’s new album. I’ve never listened to him before ‘Purpose’, so it’s a bit funny to be such a Belieber all of a sudden! I’ve also been playing Shaky Graves album ‘And The War Came’, in particular his song ‘Dearly Departed’. It’s beautiful 60’s/70’s Folky music with a little bit of pleasantly surprising country mixed in here and there. My boyfriend bought it on vinyl so the sound quality is phenomenal and so lovely to sit around and listen to.

Our New Horizons campaign features lots of festival-ready boot and shoe styles. Are you heading to any festivals/shows over summer/autumn?
I’m hopefully going to make it to a few more summer festivals, then I’ll be hitting up Blues Festival over Easter, the line up this year is such a weird mash up of things, so that should be fun.

Matilda Dods for Wittner

Where would we find you wearing the New Horizon shoe styles?
Running around to castings or jobs in Sydney during the day and then at some funky dive bar drinking Old Fashions at night. Or getting them all muddy at a music festival… Which is how 99% of my shoes end up wrecked.

How would you describe your personal style?
Very laid back and casual. I can be found most days in jeans and a cotton t-shirt. If I feel like getting a bit dressed up then I’ll lean more towards a 60’s/70’s type vibe with a pair of block heels. I love a good pair of flares and a peasant blouse! I always like to feel comfortable and I think that is the basis of my style. If I don’t feel completely at ease with what I’m wearing then I won’t leave the house, and if I do I won’t feel right all day because I won’t feel like me.

What does your day-to-day look consist of?
High waisted skinnies or flares, a cropped singlet or loose t-shirt paired with motorcycle boots or some slides if it’s hot.

Matilda Dods for Wittner

Who are your style icons?
I love Jane Birkin’s style and how effortless she always looks. I also adore her daughter Lou Doillon’s style. As with every other girl my age, Alexa Chung is high on my list of style aspirations. David Bowie has always been an inspiration both musically and stylistically, I admired his quiet courage to push and blur boundaries.

Wittner encourages women to ‘Walk Tall’ every step, every day. What gives you confidence?
My family is a big source of confidence for me. I know that no matter what happens or what I do, they will always be there to love me and support me. I think that that gives me a lot of strength to be brave and to continue to step out of my comfort zone.

What’s in store for you in 2016?
I’m going travelling early this year which I can’t wait for. I’m also planning a trip to India in August which I am so excited for. I really want to start a band! Since I’ve moved to Sydney I’ve had no one to play with and I really want to start a proper band and try and get a few gigs, maybe do some recording at some stage next year.

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