Q&A5 Minutes With Holly Titheridge

Q&A5 Minutes With Holly Titheridge

Posted by Katie Byrne on 27th Sep 2017


Blogger Holly Titheridge of Base Colour took five with Wittner to chat about her workwear style tips, fashion must-haves, and favourite shoes.

It’s Monday morning. What’s the first thing you do to set yourself up for a successful week?
Before I begin anything, a coffee run is always on the agenda. Then I go through my schedule for the week and attend to emails.

Holly Titheridge wears the Dellan Pump in Black.

Your workplace doesn’t exactly require a corporate wardrobe. How would you describe your workwear style?
My top priority when I’m at my desk is comfort – think relaxed belted denim jeans and a tucked-in tee. If I’m going maximum comfort I’ll be in my sneakers, otherwise I’m a sucker for a black mule, such as the Des Slide.

Holly Titheridge wears the Des Slide in Black.

In your opinion, what is the perfect classic shoe, and the perfect trend shoe?
My ideal classic shoe is either a black mule or a leather ankle boot. My ideal trend shoe at the moment is anything with metal hardware! I’m loving the Floyd Sandal and the Conroy Mule at the moment.

Holly Titheridge wears the Floyd Sandal in Black.

Onto the Quick Fire round. What’s your…

  1. Must-have wardrobe investment? Quality denim jeans that fit!
  2. Ultimate career goal? To expand the Base Colour team.
  3. Go-to lunch? Sushi or a great salad.
  4. Ideal Saturday? Late brunch and a walk along the beach.
  5. Favourite brunch spot? Anywhere in Richmond.
  6. Ideal Holiday Destination? Anywhere warm!
Holly Titheridge wears the Conroy Mule in Black.
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