5 Mins With Hannah WHITE LIGHT

5 Mins With Hannah WHITE LIGHT

20th Apr 2016

Wittner High Winter 2016 is all about illuminating your look with transeasonal city-living essentials. We think that US model Hannah Holman perfectly embodies this! From her jet-setting lifestyle to her modern urban look, this 25-year old beauty was the obvious choice to front our high winter campaign. Read on for an inside look into Hannah’s career highs, her personal style and more.

Hannah Holman - Wittner White Light

A farm town in Utah. US of A

Out of my suit case when I’m not in NYC

I love experiencing and learning new things. New food, new workouts, new places, new views, new mascara, new purses, new shoes, new jackets, new silk shirts… Shopping sprees basically. I love shopping.

Hannah Holman for Wittner

The range consists of city living essentials from rich leather suede over the knee boots to classic ankle boots to fresh sneakers. What are your favourite styles from the Wittner AW16 Collection?
The shiny Oxford Bea sneakers are definitely my top pick!

How would you describe your personal style in 3 words?
Cool, classic and feminine/masculine mix but not quite androgynous. This is not quite 3 words either…


What is your favourite city in the world?
That’s a tough one. I love NYC for its constant buzz, but when I need to slow things down I love Sydney for its ease of lifestyle

A nod to Scandinavian style, the campaign celebrates modern urban simplicity for the girl on-the-go. What are your ‘City Living’ style essentials?
It’s essential to have lots of shoe options in any city. Good sneakers for a day of errands and a pair of great boots so you can walk to castings comfortably and still look sharp.

Hannah Holman for Wittner

What are 5 things you can’t leave the house without?
Headphones, Sunglasses, mints, flats and lip balm.

Where can we find you on a winter’s day?
Coffee shops or staying warm at home with my pup.

What would you be doing now if you hadn’t become a model?
I’ve always been interested in psychology and pathology, I have started studying it part-time actually.

Hannah Holman for Wittner

What are your top three runway moments to date?
1. Marc Jacobs – I was always so excited and so nervous. Every single time.
2. Chanel – I would have never been in the show if I hadn’t approached Karl Lagerfeld after the ‘Karl Lagerfeld’ show to ask for the music played – He said I was ‘the perfect height for pictures’ and that he’d see me at Chanel.
3. Jonathan Saunders – this was the first show I opened for. Jonathan had to tell me to quit smiling in the backstage pictures!

Which city do you think has the best fashion?
Paris. Parisians are always putting their passion and time into their clothes. Of course I love different aspects of the fashion from each city, but Parisian fashion is just so iconic

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