Atelier: AutumnWittner20

Atelier: AutumnWittner20

Posted by Katie Byrne on 8th Feb 2020

Considered, curated and crafted for you.

For over 100 years Wittner has been crafting quality, comfort and premium leathers into every design. We believe in the power of wearing the right shoe and putting confidence in a woman’s step every day.

Our new AW/20 campaign Atelier, highlights the artistry behind every Wittner design. Each of which started as a concept and was then re-drafted and refined to create shoes we know you’ll adore.

Shot at ceramicist James Lemon’s Melbourne workshop, the campaign illustrates the similarity between Wittner’s creative process and that of an artist’s. The unfinished artworks in the background reflect the perpetual nature of design – and the journey we take each season to bring together new collections.

While taking inspiration from global fashions, the design team have remained dedicated to core Wittner values and reinterpreted these trends in a way that makes each and every shoe unique. From the bold hues and tactile textures, to the architectural heels that pay homage to international style, you’ll feel your best walking in shoes that are a wearable work of art.Affectionately titled AutumnWittner/20, the new campaign celebrates the brand’s commitment to its craft and designing shoes that harness the power and individuality of the Wittner woman. By applying the fundamental belief that shoes should be both beautiful and functional, Wittner has created a collection that will enable women everywhere to walk tall.Explore the latest range of Australian designed Autumn/Winter essentials by Wittner.

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