21st Aug 2015

To celebrate the launch of our Wittner Bride campaign, take a peek behind the scenes of our campaign shoot with hairdresser Carl Reeves, who created the perfect bridal look for us, featuring loose curls pulled back into a soft ponytail. Read on for his tips and tricks for perfecting your bridal do, what not to do on your wedding day and the latest trends in hair.


Describe for us the look you created for the shoot today and the inspiration behind it?
My inspiration was simple elegance – we wanted to create an effortless beauty, one that would resonate across varying age groups.

What would you say are the biggest trends for bridal hair for 2015?
I always feel that simple, effortless hair is the best… If you overcomplicate your style you can lose the beauty of the entire look. Dolce & Gabbana always get it right with beautiful hair for brides.

What hair treatments would you recommend to get the best hair possible for the big day?
Always start with freshly washed hair as a base. I personally love the RandCo and Orbie range of products. Amazing products and results always!

How soon before the wedding should brides cut or colour their hair?
I think 2-3 days to let things settle in a little and not feel too fresh. It’s nice for it to look natural.

How do you make sure a bridal hairstyle will last for the duration of the wedding?
Leave the partying till after the vows! Ha… People always say hairspray, but that can make the hair too stiff, just good prep by your hairdresser.

Cassie Lapthorne for WIttner Bride

What’s your favourite wedding location?
Mexico or Greece would be my dream locations! Beach or mountains for me! I’m not an indoors person.

What do you think is the biggest mistake brides make in the lead up to their wedding?
Getting over-stressed about every detail. The more stress the less we enjoy the event. It’s important to enjoy every part of your wedding day. Get more family and friends to help you out so it’s a team event!

What’s your favourite part of a wedding?
The joining together of family and friends. For me it’s about who you celebrate it with and the love on the day!!

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