19th Aug 2015

Take a peek behind the scenes of our Wittner Bride shoot as our stunning, ethereal model Cassie Lapthorne gives us the rundown of her secrets to confident style, how she got her start in the modelling industry and her top picks from our bridal collection!

Cassie Lapthorne for Wittner Bride SS15

Describe your personal style in 3 words?
Black, comfortable and timeless.

What does your everyday uniform consist of?
My daily uniform is a pair of skinny jeans, boots or sneakers and a leather jacket.

How did you get your start in the modelling industry?
I was scouted on Australia’s Next Top Model when I was 17.

Cassie Lapthorne Wittner Bride SS15

What’s your ultimate travel destination in Australia?
I love the city of Melbourne – there’s so much to do and it’s so easy to get around!

Your secret to confident style?
I style myself in a way that represents how I’m feeling and I always wear clothes that I feel good in. Comfort is key to my everyday style and I also like having one stand-out piece depending on my mood and what I’m doing that day – it might be a brightly coloured jacket or a necklace.

Flats or heels?  
I’m definitely a flats girl!

Where are we most likely to find you on a Saturday night?
I’m most likely to be having dinner and drinks with friends in either Sydney or Melbourne.

When you are not looking beautiful in front of the camera or strutting down the catwalk, what are you doing?
Training at Fox Fit, catching up with family and friends, shopping, cooking or having a day of Netflix.

Wittner Bride SS15

Which style from the Wittner Bride Collection do you love the most?
They are all beautiful! I especially love the first look, which featured the Page heels in nude with bows at the ankle.

What’s your favourite part of a wedding?
To me, the best part of a wedding is being able to share your love with all your family and friends and taking a day out to focus purely on that. The entire day is special.

You wore some beautiful gowns today, which one was your favourite?
I liked the Capellazzo Couture gown best! I loved how the open back framed my figure.

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