BTS WorkPlay Campaign

BTS WorkPlay Campaign

22nd Jul 2015

Introducing Work/Play, this season’s fun and versatile collection designed to take you seamlessly from am to pm. Go behind the campaign and take five with our gorgeous SS15 Work/Play model Lydia Collins, as well as our incredibly chic stylist and Elle Magazine Fashion Director, Rachel Wayman.

Wittner SS15 Work/Play - Perry Pump
Lydia Collins – Model

What does power dressing mean to you?
Power dressing means feeling comfortable and confident, ready to take on the world!

Who are your style muses?
I don’t really follow bloggers, but I’m inspired by my friends like Catherine McNeil and Ollie Henderson, or my mum!

What does your everyday uniform look like?
My uniform consists of a pair of jeans, trusty sneakers, a basic shirt and I love a good tailored jacket.

How would you describe your style in three words?
Comfy, eclectic, tomboy.

Complete this sentence: I recently splurged on…
Buying a car!

Wittner SS15 Work/Play

Tell us how you got discovered. What was the turning point in your career?
I was discovered when I was 17 on the way to my job at a pizzeria. My career officially started after I did Givenchy exclusive a few years ago.

Are you a heels or flats girl? 
I’m definitely a flats girl! I wear sneakers every day, unless I’m at castings, when I wear black heeled boots.

Your favourite city in the world?
Paris, but NYC comes a close second!

What are the top songs on your playlist at the moment?  
D’Angelo’s ‘Me and those Dreaming Eyes of Mine’ is my number one right now!

When you’re not in front of the lens strutting your stuff, where would we find you?
Probably at home chilling with my friends and family. I’m such a homebody!

What is your favourite style from the Wittner Corporate collection, and how would you wear it? 
I love the white and black block-heeled ‘Perry’ heels the best, I would dress them down with my favourite jeans.

Wittner SS15 Work/Play - Perry Pump

Rachel Wayman – Elle Fashion Editor and our Work/Play Stylist

What was your inspiration behind the styling of the Wittner Work/Play campaign?
My inspiration was showing a fresh, sexy, cool approach to corporate dressing! Gone are the days where your work wardrobe can’t be fashionable or sexy or playful! Think classic Saint Laurent suits, a touch of Helmut Newton sexiness and the perfect tousled hair – I wanted our girl to look effortlessly cool.

What does power dressing mean to you? 
Power dressing is all about feeling and looking confident.

Do you think the way women dress for the office has changed? 
I think that women have finally seen that they can be fashionable at work. The classic work wardrobe which consists of a great suit, shirt, skirt, trench coat and pump can be made fashionable by updating it slightly each season! Invest in the perfect trench which will last for years to come, add this seasons crisp pale blue shirt into your wardrobe and of course add a shoe or two to your look! I’m loving the monochromatic Perry pump from Wittner, as well as the lace up heels!

What are your top tips for taking a look from work to play?
This can be easily achieved by popping on a red lip, a statement earring or necklace, swapping that heavy bag for a clutch and adding a sexy shoe to your look…

Wittner SS15 Work/Play - Rover Pump

What are you favourite trends for Spring 2015?
I am a bohemian at heart so I love all of the gorgeous 70’s prints, fringing, suede highlights and flares that are coming through! Give me paisley print any day! I also love that denim has been revamped and is being worn head to toe.

What’s the best piece of style advice you have been given?
Be yourself. Don’t try to follow trends and change things up each season. Have your own style, update it each season and remember what suits you!

What does a typical day consist of for Rachel Wayman?
When working a typical day starts with a very busy morning with my 2 boys… Getting breakfast and sorting them out for the day! This is never easy because I am not a morning person at all! Once in the office I have a busy day of meetings, showings, planning shoots and styling. My work day is always different! I could be on a shoot or a day of appointments or just a day of planning! I love my job so much because it is always changing. I have a brilliant team at Elle so we all work closely to get our shoots together… Once home I try to have as much play time as possible with my boys before dinner, bath and bedtime and then finally I hit the couch for some trash TV or online shopping.

Who are your style muses?
I have always loved the style of Jane Birkin’s in the 70’s… Just easy, effortless and cool. Now I also love all the European fashion darlings like Giovanna Battaglia and Candela Novembre. I love that they are individual and don’t follow trends too closely!

What is your favourite style from the Wittner Corporate collection, and how would you wear it?
I love the Julie ballet flats with the lace up… I would love to wear them with a a gorgeous little black dress with embroidered detail – I am dreaming of the Chloe Spring/Summer dress!

Wittner SS15 Work/Play - Julie Ballet

Heels or Flats?
I used to only wear heels but lately I am loving the ease of a flat… I can just get places faster in them!

How do you juggle being a freelance stylist, Fashion Director of Elle Magazine and being a mum to a 3 year old and 6 month old?
I have an incredible support network! Without my husband and mum supporting me I would not be able to do what I love. When I work my boys are with either my mum or husband. I also have the most supportive Editor and team at Elle which is so important. On my days at home I really try to have special time with my boys as they are growing up so quickly and I don’t want to miss a moment! And as much as I love freelance work I only have a few clients that I work with now as I just can’t fit it all in.

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