Carissa Walford 5 MINUTES WITH

Carissa Walford 5 MINUTES WITH

11th Aug 2015

Carissa Walford has worked in the entertainment industry as a singer, dancer and actor, and currently is a resident host on the Australian music channel Channel [V]. As one of the multi-talented faces of our Heel to Heal campaign, Carissa shares with us her personal struggles with body image, her latest splurge and outlook on health and happiness.

Carissa Walford for Wittner

Why did you want to be involved in the Wittner Heel to Heal campaign?
Firstly I love shoes! And I also feel that it is really important to inspire and motivate girls my age to move through issues we face in life.

Can you tell us a little bit about your personal journey with body image? Have you struggled with negative body image in the past?
Since working in front of the camera, I’ve been exposed to people who have no filter and don’t hold back when commenting on your appearance. I’ve struggled with my own body image, I had a particularly bad time about two years ago which was very tough, but through this I’ve learnt that being happy and healthy is really what it’s all about.

Being in the media spotlight, how do you cope with feedback whether it is negative or positive?
I used to be so sensitive to negative feedback – it would really bring me down and affect my performance. Working in TV for the last 5 years has really helped me turn that around and taught me to accept the negative and use it to motivate and push me further.

Between presenting on Channel [V] and running your own website, you’re a very busy lady! How do you look after yourself when you’re on the go?
I’m either going 100 miles an hour or nothing… 0-100 as Drake would say! It’s as simple as drinking plenty of water and making sure to take time to eat – no matter how busy! I often take healthy food on set and snack in between interviews.

Carissa Walford for Wittner

What are the top songs on your playlist at the moment?
A$AP Rocky – LSD
Kendrick Lamar – King Kunta
Taylor Swift – Bad Blood

Who are your style muses?
Alexa Chung – she’s effortlessly cool! And Erin Wasson.

What does your everyday uniform look like?
Brogues with socks paired with black leather pants and an oversized tee.  I usually wear a blazer or my staple Acne leather jacket.

Complete this sentence: I recently splurged on…
A Chanel Boy bag.

How many pairs of shoes do you own?
Way too many! I would say all together I own over 100 pairs.

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