Christmas Party Perfection FESTIVE STYLE GUIDE

Christmas Party Perfection FESTIVE STYLE GUIDE

27th Nov 2015

Invites piling up but nothing to wear? Celebrity Stylist Lana Wilkinson has paired up with model and presenter Lorinska Anderson to bring us a series of festive looks to get you through the busy party season.

First up – Lana’s rundown of what to wear to the endless holiday parties at this time of year. Dazzle the crowd in our shiny rose gold Anita Heel. These bold statement heels are just the shoe to elevate any party look. Read on for how to style these beauties and an insight into Lana and Lorinska’s top festive tips and picks!


Dressing for an office party can be tough, as you want to look both special and work appropriate. Take us through a chic look for a work event during the holidays…
Lana: The office Christmas party is just that. People may not remember the work you achieved during the year, but they will remember a frock shock or bad behavior. Keep it sleek and sophisticated with this seasons midi dress or skirt or channel your inner boss and rock a two piece suit. A flair is my pant choice for the season. Finish your look with a platform or strappy heel to take you through the night.

What are your do’s and don’ts for Christmas party styling?
Lana: Do ensure your hair and make-up completes your look, it’s just as important as the clothes and shoes you wear. Do experiment with colour, it is the festive season after all! Do showcase your personal style through your outfit and shoe choices.
Don’t show off more skin that you would in the office as you want your colleges to look at you the same way come Monday! Don’t take your shoes off at the end of the night. It won’t help you get that promotion. Don’t forget to freshen up your hair and make-up during the course of the night. A dishevelled look does not suit anyone!


Which pieces from the Wittner Festive Season Style shoot did you want to take home with you?
Lorinska: All of them! But I couldn’t resist the rose gold Anita heel, with the perfect heel size and comfort. Plus it’s the shoe that goes with EVERYTHING.

Your personal style in three words?
Lorinska: Polished, colourful, accessorised.

What would be your top three dream presents under the tree this year?
1. A trip to Paris
2. Cartier Love bracelet
3. A pair of 6 claw round diamond earrings
I’m not asking for much???

What are your tips for buying for the woman who has it all?
Lorinska: Tricky… Ask her wants she wants? If in doubt, I do think a gift voucher for one of her favourite stores is always a great gift!


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