Emily Highfield 5 MINUTES WITH

Emily Highfield 5 MINUTES WITH

5th Mar 2015

We asked our Walk Tall Influencer Emily Highfield some serious fashion, life and confidence questions. We also got the low down on her new fashion venture, HUNTR!


I really love Wittner as a brand. I feel they are classic, timeless and always sophisticated!

What does Walk Tall mean to you?

To me, “Walk Tall” means to feel effortlessly confident in your own skin.

Why did you want to be involved in the campaign and be a Wittner Walk Tall Influencer?

Well, to start with, I really love Wittner as a brand. I feel they are classic, timeless and always sophisticated in the way they execute their product. I wanted to be involved in the new brand campaign because I was so excited to see the direction they will be taking with the brand and I’m honoured to be a part of sharing it with the wider public.

Your personal style in 3 words?

Minimal, Relaxed, Edgy

Your everyday uniform?

Working from my home office, comfort is key. Day-to-day you’ll generally find me in jeans, comfy harem pants and a tank/tee. Recently I’ve been wearing my new sports luxe range, Huntr! In terms of footwear, I have been living in slides and I’ve also been giving my white Dillons from Wittner a work-out this summer. They’re just a great summer point and go with just about anything!

What has been your journey to achieve your personal style and feeling confident?

For me, my style is a constant evolution. I always feel comfortable with where I’m at at the time, however when I look back at my younger days, I cringe haha! I’m not sure how style works as you get older. Perhaps you get to a certain age and then your style doesn’t change much, but given I love experimenting and fashion is in a constant state of change and re-invention, I feel as though my style will continue to evolve, even as I mature.

How many pairs of shoes do you own?

Alot! Are you really going to make me count them all?

My signature scent…

Gucci Flora

What are your 3 favourite styles from the Wittner AW15 collection? 

I love the laceup styles (flat & heel). I love the black brogues and the fringed heels are great statement heels.

4 must-have shoes for every woman’s wardrobe?

Pointed pumps, slides or a quality leather sandal, and for winter over-the-knee-boots!

My style icon

I always find this question hard as I don’t find that I resonate with just one particular individual… I don’t tend to follow celebrity style. I generally draw inspiration from fashion trend sites like WGSN, designer runways/collections and amazing editorial shoots. If I had to pick one name out, I’d probably say that I think Olivia Palermo has great style, but it is actually quite different to my personal style. To name a few of the designers I resonate with, they would be Alexander Wang, Phillip Lim, Celine, Josh Goot, Dion Lee and Toni Maticevski.

What do you love most about being a style influencer and designer?

It’s just such a creative profession. Every day is different and it’s fun, so it doesn’t really seem like work to me! I think I’m someone who gets bored easily and I don’t do well with monotonous days. I need to be challenged and to think outside the box, so this job is perfect for me.

 Tell us about your new label HUNTR?

HUNTR is a new sportswear concept where my business partners and I saw a need in the market for more fashion-focused sportswear. I am primarily a womenswear designer, so we are focusing on women’s sportswear to begin with. It is a range of low anaerobic activewear that is minimal, edgy and has a sport luxe feel.

Here’s a little sneak peek behind the scenes of the latest HUNTR shoot…



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