Emma Booth MEET

Emma Booth MEET

5th Feb 2015

Wittner Walk Tall Emma Booth

The honey-blonde hair, blue eyed actress from Western Australia, told her mum at 13 that she wasn’t going to school any more and wanted to become an actor. Her mum gently laughed and responded ‘Only one in a million girls make it darling’ and lucky for Emma she was one of them. A model turned actress, living in Los Angeles with her husband and pooch, Emma Booth has starred in roles including Underbelly: The Golden Mile, Cloud Street, The Boys are Back and has recently filmed  Gods of Egypt  with Gerard Butler and Geoffrey Rush.

She is the ultimate Wittner woman and a natural choice to front our new Walk Tall and AW15 Campaign – smart, creative and effortlessly stylish. Being a strong and talented woman on and off the screen, Emma personifies the confidence, empowerment, beauty and ease women feel the moment they slip into their Wittner shoes.

Emma chats to us behind the scenes of our Walk Tall Campaign shoot.

Walk Tall means to be proud of who you are, and to love yourself exactly the way you are with all your perfect imperfections.

How do you feel to be the new face of Wittner’s Walk Tall and AW15 Campaign? 

I am so delighted to be the new face of Wittner! Wittner is an Australian brand that I admire and love to wear. Their shoes make me feel sophisticated, confident and beautiful. I am particularly excited about the new AW15 collection. It is chic and timeless, featuring classic modern styles in beautiful luxe leather, which really suits my style.

What does “Walk Tall” mean to you?

Walk Tall means to be proud of who you are, and to love yourself exactly the way you are with all your perfect imperfections. It’s about having the confidence to fearlessly follow your heart and let your spirit and style shine from the inside out. Nothing makes you walk taller than the perfect shoe, it gives you the confidence you need from the ground up. Wittner is all about enabling women to approach the world with a confidence in their step and that’s why I couldn’t wait to be part of the campaign and spread this positive message!

What tips would you give other women to achieve their personal style and feel confident?

Wear what makes you feel beautiful and what really represents your personality. Nothing is more alluring than someone who feels confident in their own skin.

Where do shoes fit into the fashion package for you?

Shoes are an essential part of the overall fashion package. The right shoe can pull your whole outfit together, and make you feel as confident as you look. It doesn’t matter what size you are, how your hair looks, what job you have – shoes won’t judge you like a pair of jeans will. Shoes don’t discriminate.

Why do you think finding the perfect shoe is so important?

Shoes can have a transformative power. For example, we associate heels with transformation. It’s about the glass slipper that Cinderella slips on before being whisked off to the ball. We don’t swan around in ball gowns and horse-drawn coaches, but we can wear the heels with the magical aura. Without a doubt, putting on a pair of heels is totally transformative, they make you feel something special is going to happen. Is it an empowering accessory.

Who are your style muses?

I have always admired Cate Blanchett and Julianne Moore. They carry themselves with such grace and I think they are incredibly inspiring both on and off screen .

How would you define your sense of style?

I would define myself as a little eclectic and kooky, and I have a huge love for road tripping and cooking. In fact, my favorite thing is to go camping in really beautiful places, surrounding myself with nature. Wittner’s collection of sandals, flats and boots definitely come in handy here!

My style is a little hippie but still polished and feminine … I love old vintage dresses, sun hats. I dress according to my mood and what makes me feel happy. I love lots of color too in my clothing paired with simply beautiful shoes. Wittner delivers classic styles while also being very versatile, so I always find something to reflect my personality – no matter the occasion.

What was the first pair of shoes you remember owning?

I wish I could remember my first pair of shoes . My guess would be Mary Janes.

You are now based in LA, what brings you back here to Australia? 

I’m shooting a new abc/nbc show called Glitch . I’m so in love with these scripts . It’s the same creators as The Slap and Emma Freeman is one the most incredible directors I know . It’s very exciting! I also just finished shooting Gods of Egypt along side Gerard Butler, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Geoffrey Rush and some other amazing actors. It was an incredible experience to shoot and I got to play a goddess!

What has been your biggest highlight in your career so far?

Winning the AFI award for Clubland  was a pretty big highlight for me.

What do you love about the AW15 Wittner Collection? What is your favourite style?

The AW15 Collection is everything I would expect from Wittner, and more. Classic styles and cold-weather favourites have been given a modern twist, with lots of timeless core pieces that also pick up on key trends. I love beautiful boots, and there are so many in the latest collection that I can’t wait to add to my wardrobe. I particularly love the high over the knee boots, super sexy and also the range of mules and stilettos!

Wittner Walk Tall Emma Booth

Wittner Walk Tall Emma Booth

Wittner Walk Tall Emma Booth

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