4th Aug 2015

Introducing the first of our Butterfly Foundation Heel to Heal supporters, incredibly talented Australian actress Emma Lung. Star of Channel 10’s popular series ‘Wonderland’, take 5 with Emma as she shares with us why body image is an issue close to her heart and how her life has changed since becoming a mum this year!

Emma Lung for Wittner

Why did you want to be involved in the Wittner Heel to Heal campaign?
I think that the Heel to Heal campaign is a wonderful initiative to raise awareness about an issue that is ever prevalent in our society, but which I don’t believe is addressed nearly enough.

Can you tell us a little bit about your personal journey with body image? 
I think that you are a complete anomaly if you haven’t at some point struggled with body image, sad as that is to say. I have struggled with my body image at various points in my life. In my final years of school and early twenties it was particularly bad. I was highly malnourished for some of those years. It was awful.

Being an actress in the public eye, how do you cope with feedback about your appearance whether it be positive or negative?
I try not to read too many tabloids but sometimes it’s unavoidable. It really does depend on the day and my headspace. I would like to think that more often than not it’s to each to their own. It’s impossible to please everyone.

Has your perception of body image changed since recently giving birth to baby Marlowe?
I think with having a baby your motivation for doing anything is about the baby first and foremost and so I guess you surrender to anything and everything that comes with that territory. His health and safety is my first port of concern so all the shifts and changes that happen to your body are following a function.

Emma Lung for Wittner

Has your style changed since becoming a mum?
I am quite determined for it not to change just because I am now a mum. However, it has only been a couple of months so I am somewhat limited in my choices as I need to accommodate breastfeeding.

Do you have any fashion muses? Who or what inspires your style?
There are a myriad of muses out there. Alexa Chung springs to mind as does Diane Kruger and Chloe Sevigny. I think I really run the gamut with regard to my predilection. I love everything from bold to ethereal, block to busy. It’s how it feels on and fits to my body that will ultimately sell me on a particular look. What I like in general may not necessarily reflect only what I wear.

Complete this sentence: I recently splurged on…
An Acne leather jacket.

What is your guilty pleasure?
Watching old sitcoms from the 90’s.

We absolutely love your character on Wonderland, how are you and Colette similar/different?
I think we are similar in that she considers herself a citizen of the world and has a penchant for anything unusual that comes with a story. And we are different in that Colette can be somewhat aloof and removed from the world around her.

How many pairs of shoes do you own?
Too many to disclose…

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