6th Oct 2015

Inspiration for Spring/Summer 2015 has drawn heavily on one of our favourite fashionable eras – the seventies. Our super talented campaign hair and make-up artist Sarah Laidlaw shares her tips below for perfecting that sultry seventies look. Read on for her advice for achieving a flawless complexion, her top tips for sexy seventies hair and more!

Sarah Laidlaw Wittner

How can we recreate a sleek 70s inspired make-up look at home?
For the campaign, we went with a winged eyeliner and a dark contoured eyelid with a defined cheek contour. To achieve this look at home, go with a mid to deep brown eyeshadow with a grey undertone. Start by working this across the eyelid up to the crease and blend well. Depending on your eye shape you can blend it further out to manipulate the shape of your eyes. Smudge a small amount of a lighter brown eyeshadow in the outer corner of the under eye. Then do a clean winged eyeliner with a black liquid eyeliner or eyeliner pen. Lashings of mascara brushed through to avoid clumping, then apply false lashes that have a soft edge for a more natural silhouette. Use a medium coverage foundation and contour the cheeks. Create the 70’s skin glow with a light polish of a peach blush on the apples of the cheeks. Finish with a neutral pil colour.

What is your secret to sexy 70s hair?
There are so many 70’s looks in hair. For the campaign we chose two. A heavy fringe with straighter lengths, and a big open bouncy Farrah Faucett inspired wave. To get a 70’s vibe at home, go with a centre part… and flick the hair back from the cheekbones with a curling wand.

Sarah Laidlaw Hair

What are your beauty tricks for a flawless face?
The best thing you can do is take care of your skin. Find products that really work with your skin, get regular treatments and stay out of the sun. Then once the base you’re working with is smooth, hydrated and looking good… a beautiful foundation that has a bit of coverage and is glowing and a bit of a gleam is the go. Too much shine in a foundation photographs like an oil slick, and shine shows every lump and bump. So if you’re after that flawless finish, go for a more satin matte foundation or finish with powder in all the high spots.

What are your tips for achieving a striking 70’s eye?
The 70’s as a decade went into super glam mode. Smoky eyes and skinny brows, coloured eyeshadows and lashes. The decadent disco club scene was a huge part of the look. To achieve a 70’s eye think lashes and lots of mascara…smokiness both on the eyelid and under the lash line and make a flash of glam metallic colour if you’re more daring.

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