Making Atelier: Meet Meggy

Making Atelier: Meet Meggy

Posted by Katie Byrne on 17th Feb 2020

Meet Meggy, a Melbourne based stylist who has worked with the likes of Harper’s Bazaar and Cosmo. We enlisted Meggy and her expertise for our new AW/20 campaign. Inspired by her unique journey in styling and art direction, we asked a few questions to break the ice.

First of all, talk us through the importance of finding the right styling for a photoshoot or campaign? 

It is extremely important to find the right styling for a photoshoot or campaign. The styling inspires and showcases to audiences how they can wear items of clothing, shoes and accessories and see items in a different light, mixing colours, textures and patterns, whilst giving them a taste of the fashion forecast.

Once you know the theme or concept behind a shoot, what’s your process to create the right looks?

Once I know the concept and theme behind a shoot, I do a tone of research. Looking through Pinterest, fashion shows and upcoming trends. Keeping in the back of my mind the best outfit for each individual shoe. The outfit needs to compliment and inspire, without overshadowing the shoe. The shoe is still the hero of the image/outfit. I always try to keep this in mind when sourcing for outfits.

Who or what has influenced your styling? Is there any one moment or person that’s inspired your journey?

Music, music videos and magazine editorials have influenced my styling. Looking through the pages of magazines influence my styling a lot. Grace Coddington inspired me to first become a stylist. Reading her book and seeing the imagery she creates through the pages of American Vogue, showed me how you can create a story, fantasy and play through fashion.

What was your favourite look from the AW/20 campaign and why? 

My favourite look from the AW20 campaign was our first look of the day – it is the brown leather dress with a white shirt underneath. I feel it is the right amount of fashion and something audiences can relate with and wear every day while still highlighting the boots. These boots are also one of my favourite of the campaign. I love the mix of colours, the pointed toe – on trend for winter, an accented round heel – that’s just the right height and the detail of the stripe. A great boot that could be worn with anything – an everyday denim look or a power suit to work, I feel it’s everything you need in a winter boot!

Why did you want to work with Wittner? What is your history with the brand

I wanted to work with Wittner, because of Wittner’s heritage. It has such a presence in the Australian shoe landscape and always on the forefront of style. I also love the quality of Wittner’s shoes – they are shoes that will last you season after season. I still have a pair of brogues which I wear often from 5 years ago and they are still on-trend and the quality has lasted.

How would you describe the style of a Wittner woman? What from the campaign will resonate with her?

I feel the style of a Wittner woman is a woman on-trend, with her finger on the pulse of fashion here in Australia and overseas. She is stylish and understands her own style. I think the image from the campaign that will resonate with the Wittner woman is the snakeskin boots, worn with a blazer and jeans. I feel every woman can see herself in this picture and the boot gives a nice twist to what we may all already have in our wardrobes. 

And lastly, where can people find your work?

My work is often posted on my Instagram @meggysmithstylist or some of my campaign and editorial work is on my website

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