Nadia Bartel | Like a Boss

Nadia Bartel | Like a Boss

30th Mar 2016

Get it done for AW16. This season is all about owning your look and taking on life like a boss. We love Autumn’s over-the-knee boots, pointed pumps and statement booties paired back with wardrobe classics for a look that exudes femininity and glamour. Go behind the scenes with our modern muse Nadia Bartel in confidence-boosting pieces for strong & sexy style. Sneak a peek into Nadia’s life as a new mum and learn how she juggles this with running her own fashion business (like a boss, of course!)


What’s the best thing about what you do?
I work with someone I love (my sister) in an industry that I’m passionate about, that allows me the work life balance to be with my family. I love creating digital content on my blog and e-store that is open, honest and unique with an aim to inspire women. I also love that no one  work day is the same, which keeps it interesting.

How do you strike a balance between your busy work schedule and life with baby Aston?
I won’t lie, it is very challenging. I have had to be even more efficient and organised than ever before. Creating a routine for Aston was important so I could then fit in work around him. Being my own boss I can bring him into the office, although we waste a lot of time playing with him. I’m very lucky that my Mum and Dad adore him and love taking him for those moments when I have business meetings. Also there are non-negotiable times when it’s family time – no work.


Talk us through a normal working day for you…
My working day has changed a lot since Aston was born. I am still breastfeeding so my day revolves around his feed times. I created a routine for him as soon as I could so I could fit work in and make things a little more predictable. I feed Aston at 6am, then I try to fit in a Pilates session once or twice a week. If I don’t do Pilates then I’m straight on the emails, there is always so much to do between my blog, online store and brand collaborations.

I feed Aston at 10am, then I’m straight to the office. We have moved into a cool warehouse  space just out of the city which is great as previously I was working from home.  My days are always different, I am either shooting new content for The Con-nection, heading to fashion showings to view new pieces for our store (we have over 21 brands on The Con-nection so this takes up a lot of time), writing new content for my blog or working on my brand collaborations in front of the camera. So there is all that fun out of the office stuff but a lot of my work consists of me sitting behind a desk too, my trusty laptop is my best friend.

You started your online store The Con-nection with your sister Michelle – how is it working with family?
It is so much fun! She is my best friend and there is no one who keeps it more real than her. I thought we would end up fighting, but because we know each other so well and our personalities are quite different, we compliment each other. Michelle is actually far more creative than me (she has two degrees, one in visual merchandising and one in the fine art) whereas I am more business and marketing focussed so we make a good team.

What’s something that people would find surprising about you?
At school I could run the 100m sprint in 13 seconds. I was a bit of a tomboy and loved my sport – how things have changed?!

Photography: Michelle Tran
Styling: Lana Wilkinson
Hair: Marie Uva, UVA Salon
Make-Up: Jade Kisnboro

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