Our Promise: Setting goals to save the planet

Our Promise: Setting goals to save the planet

Posted by Katie Byrne on 6th Feb 2020

“The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.”

Step One
Like the rest of the world, Wittner’s path to creating a more sustainable future will be a long one. However, we are eager to take whatever steps we can to begin making a difference now. As part of the promise we’ve made to protect our planet, we are proud and excited to introduce our new Eco-Shoebox. Designed by us in Melbourne and created by our supplier who is a member of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), this box is the first action we have taken to minimise our use of non-recyclable materials and maximise our environmental innovation.

The Eco-Shoebox
Sturdy enough to be reused but also completely recyclable, the Eco-Shoebox is itself made from 100% recycled pulp* and features an in-built handle that means plastic carry bags are no longer necessary. Inside, you’ll find – aside from shoes you love – our eco-friendly packing materials that protect your shoes during transit and can be composted or recycled once you’ve got them safely home. The Eco-Shoebox has also been designed with a pull-out drawer system, making it the perfect place to keep and care for your shoes long after you’ve brought them home from the store.

Out with the old, in with the new
The first of many actions we have planned to ensure a cleaner world for future generations, the Eco-Shoebox is now in-store and will continue to be phased in over the next year – replacing our existing boxes as new shoes arrive. So while you might receive the new box straight away or come across it further down the line, just know that change is coming and it’s for the better.

*Our initial samples in store are currently made from 80% recycled paper. We have since sourced materials made from 100% recycled paper and we will be phasing that in from now on.

The Wittner Team x

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