Top RaceDay Tips ON TRACK

Top RaceDay Tips ON TRACK

22nd Oct 2015

The Spring Racing Carnival is nearly here, and we’ve enlisted the help of style royalty Nadia Fairfax and Kate Waterhouse to share their racing edit. Nothing completes an outfit like the perfect pair of shoes, so to get you through the Carnival in comfortable style, we’ve put together six top tips for surviving the long day (and into the night!) on your feet.

Kate Waterhouse Nadia Fairfax x Wittner

  1. Think about the heel height and style to ensure you are comfortable. If you are not great with stilettos opt for a wedge, block heel or platform, which gives your foot more support. Ask our Style Consultants which shoes have built in arch support and padded cushioning features.
  2. Think about shoe materials and invest in high quality, soft leather and suede shoes that are gentler on your skin and less likely to rub.
  3. Opt for styles that have a strap or zip to hold the shoes onto your feet. This means you can relax and not have to be clawing your toes to hold your shoes on your feet.
  4. To avoid aching soles, blisters and chaffing, pack gel cushions and heel grips to provide instant relief and comfort. Try our Gel Cushions or Heel Grips.
  5. Regardless of their material or the weather, protect your shoes with a water proofing spray beforehand. Grass stains can wreak havoc on this season’s neutral coloured shoes, as can dripped beverages from other “happy” members of the crowd. Try our Water Proofer.
  6. No matter how sore your feet are, don’t end up ruining your beautiful outfit by walking out at the end of the day barefoot. 
Sneak a pair of flexible ballet flats into your clutch to be on the safe side.
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