AutumnWittner/21: Established

AutumnWittner/21: Established

Posted by Katie Byrne on 25th Mar 2021

The foundation of Australian style.

They say style is knowing who you are — and at Wittner, we’ve had over a hundred years to get acquainted. For decades we’ve defined the shoes that women wear, with expertly crafted designs that offer support and style in our renowned, Wittner way.

Established. pays homage to this long heritage and the many elements that make us. Shot in the autumnal shades of a native garden and rural home, the campaign is a testament to our Australian roots and the natural materials make our brand iconic.PICTURED: GRAFTON HEEL IN LEAF GREEN

In contrast, the striking modernity of the home’s mid-century interior represents the innovation and dynamic thinking that keep our designs relevant and covetable year after year.  

Styled with pieces that are fashion-focussed yet wearable, the collection showcases key trends of the season and contextualises them in a way that’s not only inspirational but easy to imagine in your own wardrobe.PICTURED LEFT TO RIGHT: MACKAY BOOT IN EGGSHELL & HOLLER BOOT IN OLIVE GREEN

Comprising of six different design stories, the range encompasses every aspect of cold-weather dressing. Utility takes a contemporary twist with our Modern Military trend, where rugged styles are paired with feminine silhouettes to create an aesthetic that’s equal parts durable and decadent. Meanwhile, the subtle nuances of our Tonal Takeover trend make for softly elegant ensembles that can be worn in myriad settings.PICTURED: MADI BOOT IN BLACK

For the bold among us, there’s 80’s Revival, which celebrates the decadence of an iconic decade with bright tones and chunky chain detailing. Colours In Contrast provides a tonal alternative, spotlighting the jewel of the season — our new Amethyst colourway.PICTURED LEFT TO RIGHT: CHARMED HEEL IN BLACK & XALT HEEL IN ELECTRIC MAGENTA

Concluding the collection we have Walk in Western — a couture twist on our classic designs and an icon of the cold season. And finally, we’re excited to introduce Home Stretch, a core range of classic boots designed to prioritise comfort and confidence above all else.PICTURED LEFT TO RIGHT: ORION BOOT IN BLACK AND MARSHALL BOOT IN BLACK

The changing seasons offer the perfect opportunity to discover new modes of self-expression. AutumnWittner/21 invites you to take the time to explore and find the essential elements that help to define your authentic style.

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