Why Wittner?

Our History: A pillar of the community

Over 100 years of innovation has allowed Wittner to establish the special relationship we share with our customers today. Our founder, HJ Wittner, established the company in 1912 and soon set up Australia’s first ever mail order footwear business, which he ran from his store in Footscray.

Normally customers from the country would need to travel to the city to stock up their wardrobes, but HJ understood the importance of making his shoes accessible to everyone. By distributing catalogues that were carefully handwritten by himself, HJ was able to communicate the workmanship and detail that went into every design. Soon enough, his business was so successful that the local Post Office had to expand to accommodate all the orders!

HJ valued his relationship with customers and wanted to understand and improve their shopping experiences. As he put it, “the good will and friendship of old customers means a lot more to us than the mere sale of goods." This forward-thinking philosophy remains the cornerstone of Wittner today, and although shoe trends and shopping habits might have changed in the last century, we’re still focused on the same goal – getting quality shoes to you.

Three generations on, the Wittner family are still dedicated to creating beautiful leather shoes and are proud to be internationally recognised as one of Australia's leading footwear brands..


Our Present: Crafting fashion with function

Considered design and renowned quality are the reasons that women still shop with Wittner today. We source our signature leather materials from only top-grade environmental suppliers and use them inside and outside our shoes to maximise comfort and the feeling of step-in luxury.

Our in-house design team have developed bespoke padding technology in partnership with our European suppliers, to guarantee a more cushioned step and ensure that women can walk tall in Wittner shoes, feeling supported and secure.

We also use runway analysis and trend research every season, to make sure that we always hit the mark when it comes to making shoes that you will love. Our longstanding presence in the Australian fashion industry, alongside our commitment to quality craftsmanship, means that you can be confident in Wittner shoes that guarantee you’ll look as good as you feel.


Our Future: Setting goals to save the planet

Wittner was born from innovation and promises to remain at the cutting edge of the industry, particularly when it comes to our commitment to protect our planet. We acknowledge the impact our business has on the environment and have created a plan of action to work towards a better world for future generations.

We consciously select suppliers and materials that align with our sustainability goals and we are continually improving our practices to reduce waste and minimise our footprint. This includes building greater efficiencies into our manufacturing processes and working with suppliers that meet top-level environmental standards.

However, our dedication to the planet goes beyond the manufacture and production of our shoes. We understand that to be truly sustainable we must cultivate a work environment and brand ethos centred on eco-friendly and sustainable practices. This includes introducing new recyclable boxes, carry bags and packaging in-store and taking the time to educate our customers about the best ways to care for and extend the longevity of their Wittner shoes.