Close to Home

Close to Home

Posted by Katie Byrne on 26th Aug 2020

Though we remain still, we have also come far. On this unexpected journey, we have found renewed joy in the land we call home, and eagerly anticipate the new world waiting for us, just around the corner.PICTURED: GIA

Designed to move through life with you, the Gia mule exudes a slip-on sophistication that is impossible to replicate. From the thoughtfully flared heel that offers additional support, to the gently tapered toe for superior elegance, it’s clear that Gia will remain a constant companion throughout the years.PICTURED: PURCELL

A journey starts with a single step, and in Purcell, it will make an impression. Designed with thick tread and pull-on functionality to bolster any adventure, this ankle boot also has an of-the-moment appeal that reminds us to pause and embrace the present we live in.PICTURED: HANALEE

A homage to the Australian dusk and daybreak, the Hanalee boot features a contrasting leather upper that epitomises the delicate balance between light and dark. Set upon a thoughtfully sculpted heel that elegantly concludes its unique aesthetic, this is not a design for the faint of heart.PICTURED: ALITA

Inspired by our native Autumnal tones, the Alita loafer celebrates the past and enhances the future. A colourful patchwork of luxuriously tactile leathers, this shoe will capture the eyes and hearts of anyone who sees it.PICTURED: COMBS

Reminiscent of sunset hues, the Combs heel in bold red will heat up your looks with its contemporary feel and striking design. Elevated on a slender heel, with braided detailing and a barely-there silhouette, this shoe is a style essential for simmering summer nights.

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