Supporting Local

Supporting Local

Posted by Katie Byrne on 21st May 2020

As a family-owned and operated business born and bred in Melbourne, Australia, Wittner understands the importance of small business to the Australian economy. Using our platform, we wish to shine a light on those who make up our unique retail landscape because after all, we’re all in this together. 


We caught up with social media boss Indianna Roehrich, wearing the Harlo boot and teaching businesses how to gain brand confidence in the current crisis – and beyond.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your business.

I’m Indianna Roehrich, Founder and Managing Director of Simply Social Management, one of Australia’s prominent Social Media agencies. 

I founded my agency in 2015 aged 22, to help brands create strategic, relevant and insightful communication with consumers through digital technology and Social Media. Simply Social MGT has since grown exponentially and now has a high-profile client list that includes some of the country’s most recognisable brands and names in fashion, lifestyle, beauty and hospitality.

What’s been the hardest part of being a small business in this current climate?

There’s something about this time that ignites a fire in your belly to adapt to the current climate and change the way you do business. I feel a lot of businesses have only just realised now how important social media is to their business to survive. 

What’s been the most positive aspect?

Spending more time with family and having the time to generate game-changing ideas… watch this space.

How have you adapted your business to meet changing needs?

Working in a fast-paced industry, our fingers have been responding online quicker than ever. We have had to think fast, react quickly and put in place new systems that allow businesses to communicate quickly with their consumers on social media.

Where can we find you?

IG: @SimplySocialMGT
Podcast: The Social Report, powered by Simply Social MGT available on Spotify and iTunes. 

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