Bridal Makeup STEP INTO LOVE

Bridal Makeup STEP INTO LOVE

21st Aug 2015

Bridal make-up should make you look and feel like the best version of yourself: confident, radiant and glowing. Read on as our incredible bridal campaign make-up artist Victoria Martin gives us her expert tips on how to put your best face forward on your special day.


Describe for us the look you created for the Wittner Bride shoot and the inspiration behind it?
For this collection we were inspired by the ‘modern bride’, so I wanted to keep things simple with an editorial edge. I looked to newly-married icons such as Olivia Palermo and Blake Lively for a fresh new take on the bridal look. I really focused on beautiful, luminous skin for our model Cassie, so that included a mini-facial before we started makeup, using some of my favourite products from the cosmeceutical line Rationale. I gave Cassie a natural yet flawless base using Ellis Faas Skin Veil, finishing with powder, bronzer and a hint of blush on the apples of the cheeks to give that youthful glow. Eyes were kept simple, with a champagne coloured cream eyeshadow and a touch of dark brown liner. I completed the eyes with some Lash Republic half lashes to give a feline lift at the outer edge. Finally I added just a touch of lightly shimmering soft pink lip gloss to make the lips look full and luscious.

What would you say are the biggest trends for bridal make-up for 2015?
I think generally speaking, the trend for a more natural make-up will continue to gather pace. The old fashioned rule of having to wearing heavy make-up on your wedding day no longer rings true with new lightweight but long wearing make-up formulas. The luminous dewy trend from the runway will carry over into bridal make-up, and really I think a classic, romantic look will be most popular. Rather than the traditional rose lip colours, brides might experiment with corals or red tones. My best advice for your wedding makeup is to use it to enhance your look, not change it completely. You want to feel comfortable and beautiful on your wedding day, simple as that.

What do you recommend brides do in the lead up to the wedding to ensure they have the most fresh, glowy skin possible for their big day?
I’m a real believer in eating right, exercising regularly, and getting a good nights sleep. These three things are just as important for getting your skin in tip top condition as a regular facial and using the right products. In the run up to the wedding, I would recommend delegating tasks to friends and family so you don’t feel as stressed and so you can get the rest you need. I would also suggest limiting or cutting out alcohol, and if you’re still smoking, you should have quit a long time ago.

When should a bride ideally do a trial for her wedding makeup look?
I would say about 3 months before the big day is a good guide. Don’t do it too early, or you’ll forget or change your mind about the makeup you’ve decided on. But don’t leave it to the last minute either. If possible, make sure you have your dress picked out before you book in your trial, it will make it much easier to visualise the look that you’re going for. Another tip is make sure you do your research on makeup artists and contact them early on, the best ones will already start to get booked a year or more in advance.


How do you make sure a bride’s makeup will last for the duration of the wedding?
For makeup to last the duration of the wedding select long wear formulas of your foundation, eyeshadow, waterproof mascara etc, and begin with a good primer, suited to your skin type. You can also use a setting spray, the best one is by Skindinavia who do a great finishing mist that will extend the wear of your makeup, making it tear, humidity and sweat proof.

What is your one piece of advice for any brides based on your experience as a bride?
The best advice I was given was to have a few minutes to yourself during the event to step back from everything and take it all in, watch your partner, family, friends, and enjoy that moment in time.

What’s your favourite wedding location?
If I could get married again I would probably look at a beautiful traditional castle or country house somewhere in Scotland or England. I also like the idea of a winter wedding, with roaring fires and mulled wine!

Describe your beautiful wedding?
I had two weddings, the first was in Australia at Port Melbourne Yacht Club which was amazing, being by the ocean was really calming and made for some beautiful photos. We had a second reception in Bruges, Belgium since so many of my family and friends from UK and Belgium couldn’t make it to Australia. We had the second event at a family friends’ hotel and restaurant that I have a real connection to from spending time there as a girl. Both weddings were quite small, about 60 people and we made sure great food and wine were a priority! Unfortunately on both occasions it rained, but I’m told that’s good luck!

What’s your favourite part of a wedding?
I love the few minutes before the bride walks down the aisle, watching the groom as he sees his bride for the first time always makes me feel a bit emotional!

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