25th Aug 2015

A pair of shoes can change your life (just ask Cinderella!). This is especially true when it comes to your big day. In order to pick the perfect pair of bridal shoes, be sure to consider not only your dress, but also your venue, comfort level, and personal style. We have put together 10 bridal shoes style tips to take into consideration before you say “I do” to the perfect pair for your wedding day.

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1. Get organised
In the chaos of trying to put together a wedding, shoes can often be an afterthought. Brides forget how important it is to start searching for the right shoes early on. If you see a style you like, grab it before it sells out! Also remember if your dress is custom-made or being altered, your dressmaker will need to know the exact height of your shoes for your fitting so she can adjust your dress accordingly.

2. Practice walking & wear your shoes in
Don’t wear your shoes for the first time on your wedding day. Make sure you have them a few weeks before the wedding and wear them around the house (on carpet) before the big day so they’ve eased up and moulded to fit your feet.

3. Heel height
If you have never worn an 11cm heel in your life, then your wedding may not be the best time to start. Make sure you wear a heel height that you are confident and comfortable in. Your bridesmaids may also want different height and you can usually find different heel height options in the same colour and material. Or simply dare to be different and go with mismatched bridesmaids shoes.

4. Dare to be different

Contrary to tradition, you don’t have to wear a closed toe pump in the same fabric as your wedding gown and you don’t have to have all your bridesmaids in matching shoes. In fact, it’s much more modern to choose a style that is a different colour and material from your dress and have your bridesmaids in another variety to give your wedding a relaxed and carefree feel.

5. Personality points

The whole day is about celebrating you and your partner coming together! So make sure you stay true to your personality and let it show in what you wear.

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6. Comfort is key
Weddings are often an all day and all night event and you are likely to be on your feet for most of it. Make sure the shoes you pick are comfortable and will take you from walking the aisle to dancing the night away without a care. Or better yet, get a couple different pairs so your feet don’t get fatigued from being in the same pair all day. For added comfort keep some gel cushions in your bag, just in case.

7. Play on theme
If you have chosen a symbol or colour theme for your wedding it doesn’t have to stop at the invitations and place cards. Why not continue it on your bridal shoes? For example, if the accent colours in your theme are pink and silver, go for a gorgeous silver pair and have your bridesmaids’ feet adorned in pink. Little details like this can be the perfect touch to tie the whole theme together.

8. Coordination ultimatum
The deciding factor when purchasing your bridal shoes is whether or not to coordinate with your dress and your surroundings. Those sky-high sparkly stilettos might be the shoes of your dreams, but they might not quite go with your bohemian style dress at your beach wedding. Make sure that your shoes not only coordinate with the colour and style of your dress, but also the setting of the wedding.

Handy hint: For outdoor weddings, look for a wedge style, a chunky heel, or even a pretty ballet flat or sandal.

9. Versatility matters

The cost of a wedding can really add up – whether you are the bride or the bridesmaid – and you’re going to want to get as much bang for your buck as possible. So when considering your bridal shoes, make sure you choose something they can wear again and love for years to come. Best of all, each time you wear them, you’ll be reminded of all the wonderful memories you made together on that very happy day.

10. Think of your girls

Consider each of the individual personalities and styles of your bridesmaids before choosing their shoes for your wedding. They will feel so much more comfortable and true to themselves in a shoe that would feel at home in their own wardrobe. Not to mention, they’ll love you all the more for being so thoughtful.

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