High Winter 21: Love Language

High Winter 21: Love Language

Posted by Katie Byrne on 11th May 2021

A passion for design — that speaks for itself.

Making a great pair of shoes takes devotion. Every shoe we create is imbued with the passion, dedication and commitment to craft that has kept Wittner designs iconic for over 100 years. From our conscientiously selected materials to the careful drafting and redrafting of designs, every piece in our collection is made with love.PICTURED: CUEVA LONG BOOT IN BLACK

Love Language captures this relationship between our shoes and the elements that make them. Using leather as the foundation upon which we present the collection, the campaign illustrates our signature material’s characteristic versatility and its ability to translate two-dimensional designs into tangible, wearable pieces.

Leather’s breathability and supple form make it a natural choice for shoemaking and it has long been one of our defining components. While we continue to explore new textiles and technologies that are revolutionising the fashion industry, we are proud to be members of the Leather Working Group.

The High Winter 21 campaign presents leather as the heart of the new collection, using striking imagery to illustrate the material’s fluidity and its integral relationship with our design process. We know how to use leather to its best advantage — whether that’s harnessing its suppleness to create shoes that stretch and mould to the contours of different bodies, or showcasing its natural texture to make stylish pieces that deliver our renowned premium finish.PICTURED: IONNA LONG BOOT IN TAN

At Wittner, we’ve spent more than a century refining our ability to balance the connection between concept and component. By exploring this relationship in its most raw and authentic form, Love Language exemplifies our passion for what we do, and the significance of material, form and fit when it comes to creating shoes that you will fall in love with. 

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