Mother's Day: Meet Iona

Mother's Day: Meet Iona

Posted by Katie Byrne on 6th May 2022

In celebration of Mother’s Day, we sat down with Wittner’s Ecommerce Manager and latest recruit to motherhood.

lona, (with the help of her 2 month-old daughter) gives us insights into life as a new parent and steadfast fashion follower.

What have you enjoyed most about becoming a mother?

Honestly, I’ve had a pretty great journey so far and I’m really loving the newborn phase. It’s a double-edged sword though – I love watching her develop and grow but I’m also mourning those moments that have already passed, never to be repeated. I guess that’s just what motherhood is though. 

What has been the most challenging?

I’ve been lucky enough to have a lot of fantastic support, but the sleep deprivation can definitely make you a little crazy. I’ve had times where I’ve sat weeping at four in the morning, purely due to lack of sleep. It gets easier, but I’d still love a full night’s rest at some point!Iona wears Hennetta in Sicilian Green

How have your priorities changed?

I’m sure my priorities will keep evolving but something I’m really conscious of is the language I use around my daughter. Not so much in terms of vocabulary, but the way I speak about things such as my own body, diet and health. I really want to be an advocate for body positivity and show her that every body is beautiful, however, I do have to catch myself sometimes when I slip into more negative ways of thinking.  

What’s different in your day to day life?

Well, I’m not working at the moment so a lot! But largely I think having to plan and make sure there’s a structure to the day is the biggest difference. Routines are so important to young children and you could honestly set your watch by my daughter – she knows how she likes her day to go!What do you do to maintain your sense of identity?

I love fashion, beauty and the arts so I make sure to prioritise all those things in my life. Although I am currently wearing flat shoes far more often, I feel much more at home in a heeled long boot so I’m making sure those are still part of my wardrobe. The other day, for example, I went to the theatre (with my own mother), did my make-up and wore my favourite stiletto boots – doing the things you love is so important for your self-care. 

How will you be celebrating Mother’s Day?

I imagine we’ll just keep it low key and do something as a family. Probably dinner and a little bit of champagne if I’m lucky. Unless my partner has any fabulous surprises hidden up his sleeve!

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