Shoe Care

Wittner Quality Leather

Touchable, high quality leather has been Wittner's signature medium for over 100 years. Breathable and durable, leather will look after your feet and enjoys a little TLC in return. Our passion for quality doesn't end when you walk out the door or click to place your order online, instead, we want to ensure you continue to love your shoes day after day.

When shopping with Wittner you can always be confident:

  • That our leathers are natural, full aniline and top grain.
  • That our leathers are soft and breathable.
  • That our leathers get better with age! Leather will age naturally over time, colour and texture will fade and change, reflecting the material's true beauty.
  • That our leathers are sourced from tanneries with the highest environmental ratings.


Caring for Leather

Take care of your shoes and you'll notice the difference.

Below we've listed our top tips to help keep your leather looking beautiful so you can continue to walk tall:

  • Store your shoes in a dry, ventilated place to let the leather breathe.
  • Regularly apply Wittner Waterproofer, unless stated otherwise, to help the colour last longer.
  • Clean your shoes with Wittner’s Neutral Leather Crème, excellent at removing surface dirt.
  • Don’t dry leather with a direct heat source, let damp or wet leather air dry.
  • Polish any patent leather products with a soft cloth to remove fingerprints or marks.
  • Revive suede shoes with our Suede Reviver or Suede Brush. These tools will add colour back to black suede shoes and help to restore texture or remove scuff marks.
  • Last of all, to avoid wearing out your shoes too quickly, we recommend buying multiple pairs. While you can always rely on Wittner designs - everyone deserves a well-earned rest!


Caring for Delicate Materials

Trims & Embellishments

Certain styles have fragile finishes and although we use our expertise and craftsmanship to ensure durability, these may come off with wear. Often we will provide spare trims, which are a good back-up plan should your trims become damaged or detached.

Nevertheless, prevention is the best method. That's why we recommend taking extra care when wearing these shoes to maintain their look for longest. Let other people do the running around after you!

Metallics & Foils

These are generally a top layer of material applied over leather. We don’t recommend using standard Waterproofer on these products, but a specific neutral metallic protector and cleaner to keep these styles shining brightly.

Satin, Canvas and Other Textiles

Textiles have different characteristics from leather and can stain easily. To avoid this, we recommend using Waterproofer on these products as this will help to repel any spillages. Please cover any embellishments, jewels and trims while applying Waterproofer to ensure your shoes stay looking amazing for all your special occasions.


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Product FAQs

How do I care for suede shoes?


Prevention is better than a cure! We recommend that you pre-treat your suede shoes with Wittner Waterproofer to prevent staining.

To clean stains, scratches and scuff marks, we recommend using:

    • The Wittner Suede Brush to remove surface dirt and brush up the nap.
    • The Wittner Suede Shampoo which lifts stains (ensure each shoe is covered equally with shampoo so the colour is consistent when the shampoo evaporates.
    • The Wittner Suede Reviver which renews and rejuvenates black suede.

How do I care for patent leather shoes?


Do not use waterproof spray on patent leather as it may damage and dull the finish. We recommend polishing patent leather with a soft cloth to keep them looking new!

    • Remove surface dirt with a dry paper towel, then use our Microfibre Polish Cloth to buff out any fingerprints.
    • Do not let patent rub against patent in the shoebox or in storage. Use a layer of tissue between the shoes to ensure they don't get damaged.

How do I use Wittner Suede & Nubuck Shampoo?


You will require at least one bottle of Suede and Nubuck Shampoo to treat a pair of Wittner shoes.

Follow the steps below to give your shoes a new lease of life:

    • Gently remove surface dirt prior to use with our Suede Brush.
    • Spray the shoes liberally - paying attention to problem areas. Make sure both shoes are fully and evenly covered, the shampoo will lift the dirt and dust from them and may leave a slightly lighter, cleaner colour. Do not spot clean as you may end up with lighter marks.
    • Whilst wet, brush along the grain, then against the grain, with the Wittner Suede & Nubuck Brush.
    • Let the your shoes dry at room temperature. Once completely dry, protect them with waterproof spray.

How do I use Wittner's Waterproofer?


Here are our tips to use the Wittner Waterproofer, to repel water, dirt, grease and grime:

    • Brush off surface dirt with a cloth or brush.
    • Hold the Wittner Waterproofer 15cm away from the leather.
    • Spray liberally and allow to dry.
    • Repeat two more times, allowing the leather to dry between applications.
    • The waterproofer will leave a protective coat, which will repel liquids and grime, and protect the leather from being stained or damaged. This is a great way to make sure your Wittner shoes will last as long as possible.

How do I use the Wittner Leather Crème?


Here are our tips to use the Wittner Leather Crème to clean and condition smooth leather:

    • Wipe off surface dirt with a cloth.
    • Apply the crème gently and evenly by massaging it with a cloth onto the leather, in a circular motion.
    • Leave the product to dry for approximately 15 minutes.
    • Use a cloth to buff off excess.

Please note: Leather Crème must only be used on selected colours. Black crème is for black leather whilst White crème is to be used on white leather only. Neutral may be used on brown leathers with care but is not recommended for use on bright or pastel colours as it may stain or lift the colour.

How do I use the Wittner Instant Shine?


Use the Wittner Instant Shine on black leather shoes to clean, condition and remove scuffmarks with a high-gloss finish.

    • Make sure the leather is clean before using the Instant Shine.
    • Buff the Instant Shine lightly and evenly over the surface, to apply a glossy film to the leather.

Please note: the Wittner Instant Shine may slightly darken lighter colours temporarily. Please DO NOT use on suede, nubuck or patent leather.

How do I use the Wittner Suede Reviver?


Here are our tips to use the Wittner Suede Reviver to renew the colour of your black suede and nubuck products:

    • Remove excess dirt from shoes with a cloth or brush.
    • Shake the bottle well, then lightly press the sponge applicator down upon the shoe's surface to apply the reviver.
    • Apply first to scuffed areas, then evenly all over shoes.
    • Allow to dry in room temperature.
    • Rinse the applicator sponge after use.

Please only use this product on black suede, as it applies a layer of pigment to the suede whilst conditioning the nap, ensuring the colour remains rich looking new.